Covid 19: Why is the corona virus so deadly? How deadly is Covid-19?

Code-19: Why is the corona virus so deadly?

A minor virus i.e coronavirus has affected our lives to such an extent that our old routine has become a dream.
We have seen the dangers of a virus epidemic in the past, but never before has a new virus or flu paralyzed the world system with covid cases.
Why this is happening with Covid virus? What is so special about it?  & that it is a great danger to our bodies and lives also ?
Covid 19 news:
Unique deceptive virus:
Initially in the beginning it plays with human body. Corona viruses are probably circulating in large numbers in our lungs and our respiratory tract, and yet our body's immune system understands that everything is fine. As the Corona Virus captures our body cells, Interferon a c chemical is released by them, which is a message for our immune mechanism of our body.

But the corona virus has amazing capabilities that allow it to suspend the discharge system of chemicals that pack up the warning system about the presence of an external virus. "He does it all so good that you simply haven't any concept you're sick or ill," says Prof-Lehner. they assert that if you check out diseased cells within the laboratory, they're going to not look sick, but if you are doing your test, these cells are going to be screaming and displaying to be infectious.

The killer virus that escapes by attacking:
The number of viruses in our body increases a day before we feel sick. But it takes a week before it is time for a person infected with the corona virus to be taken to hospital for treatment.
"It's an amazing evolutionary tactic," says Professor Lehner. You do not go to bed for sleep, you go out and have fun or enjoyment. '
So this virus is like a driver who escapes from the scene of an accident. The virus spreads to its second victim long before its first victim dies or appears ill.
In other words, the virus doesn't care if you die.

It is a very different virus from the 2002 SARS corona virus. He felt very sick when someone was affected, so it was easy to quarantine him.
t's new so our bodies are not ready:
Do you remember the last plague? In 2009 there was H1N1, also known as swine flu.
However, it did not prove to be as deadly as feared because people had already begun to protect themselves. The new virus was very similar to the viruses we had encountered in the past.
So far, four more human corona viruses have been reported, showing common symptoms, such as the common cold flu.
The newness of this new virus, Sars-CoV-2, to give it a new name is that it can be "very surprising" to your defense system.
The lack of a pre-existing immune system can be compared to an outbreak of the smallpox virus on the continents of the Americas in Europe, with devastating consequences.
It is very difficult for the elderly to develop a new defense system because their defense system has already slowed down.
Your body is trained through the right and wrong tests to develop immunity against new infections.
But as we get older, the number of T cells in our body decreases, which is a basic component of the immune system, so it is difficult to defend against corona virus due to its absence or depletion, Goes.
It creates unique and unexpected effects on the body
Covid 19 starts as a lung disease and then affects the whole body.
The virus does more harm than good to lung cells, disrupting the normal functioning of those cells. Cells have been shown to begin to mingle with each other and their overall system begins to malfunction, and this malfunction persists for a long time.
During Covid 19, blood clots begin to form in a very strange kind of oblique manner, about which many doctors have told their stories that they could not treat the patient properly because the blood clots closed the veins. Began to happen.
Beverly Hunt, a professor at King's College London, says some of the cod patients have been found to have "200 per cent, 300 per cent and even 400 per cent" higher than normal levels of blood-forming chemicals.
"Honestly, in my long career, I have never seen a group of so many patients with so much thick blood," she says in Inside Health. This condition that affects the whole body is probably caused by the cellular door-way where the virus, called the ACE2 receptor, spreads to infect our cells.
it is found in every part of our body, including the blood vessels, the liver, the kidneys and the lungs.
The virus causes inflammation in some victims, causing the immune system to become more active than usual, with harmful effects on the whole body.
And we are obese:
If you are obese, then covid is even more harmful to you because a fat waist can get you to the intensive care unit or kill you. This is very unusual.
Obesity causes the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in organs such as the liver, which leads to a breakdown in the metabolic system, which, together with the corona virus, causes more damage.
Obese patients are more likely to develop severe inflammation in the body and the protein begins to form blood clots.

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