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How we experience less anxiety? How we can can stop experience such enormous amounts of anxiety? How we can experience anxiety like normal people?
Less Anxiety experience

How we experience less anxiety? How we can stop experience such enormous amounts of anxiety? How we can experience anxiety like normal people? This question is totally understandable because it's very much at the root of having an anxiety disorder.

An anxiety disorder is all about a desire to avoid anxiety and about constantly engaging in compulsive behaviors to try to cope with anxiety and check on anxiety and control anxiety. It's at the root of the anxiety disorder, so it's very makes complete sense that somebody with an anxiety disorder would want to know how to experience less anxiety. But I'd encourage you to learn to recognize that feeling to experience less anxiety and not react to it .

Here's a simple analogy that will hopefully explain this a bit more because getting over an anxiety disorder is exactly like learning, how to exercise after spending an entire life of not exercising it. So say you have a personal trainer and somebody comes to them and that person says you know you know, I feel just I'm really out of shape. I get out of bed in the morning and come on right away out of breath and my heart's racing and then you know, I have to walk up some stairs and I'm drenched in sweat and my muscles are sore and I just can't do it. I'm exhausted all the time, I'm so tired at work you know just walking to get groceries, I find I'm sweating and my heart is racing. It feels like it's gonna jump out of my chest how can I stop feeling so bad. I don't want to experience this anymore and you know, what's that personal trainer going to do? They're going to tell that person that they have to exercise and they're going to put them on an exercise program.

 Where they're going a structured program to actually experience, those negative so-called negative feelings of sweating and your heart racing, and your muscles being sore pretty much every day of the week, that's the same with an anxiety disorder and recovering from an anxiety disorder. Yes those things you may not like them right now but it's trying to avoid them that's actually caused them and so in your life, if you're always avoiding exercise eventually, everything is exercise.

 It's difficult to do anything without feeling, like you're exercising the same is true with an anxiety disorder. The more you avoid anxiety and the more you try to avoid anxiety in every area of your life actually every area of your life starts to cause anxiety and triggers it, and you start to experience it all over the place and you gradually the more you avoid anxiety you sort of spiral down into this pit of anxiety. Recovering from an anxiety disorder, it's going to be about turning around facing anxiety and climbing back up out of that pit and that's going to mean putting yourself on a structured program, working with a great professional ,who has demonstrated proven experience helping people recover from anxiety disorders. They're going to take you through a process of experienced anxiety starting with the things that cause you the least amount of anxiety, and building up to experiencing the things that cause you the most anxiety experiencing.

Those things not reacting out of fear and instead acting according to your values, yes that's going to be really difficult at first and yes that's going to cause an enormous amount of anxiety. But over time you learn to really embrace that you can learn to accept the thoughts in your head and just act according to your values. it's just like how somebody who at first may not like exercising over time. They're going to start to learn to like it they're going to start to learn to like that they're breathing heavy and that their muscles are sore right now because they start to recognize all that means I'm getting stronger. 

That means I'm getting better so it's really important that you learn to embrace anxiety on a structured program but recognize that getting over anxiety means, throwing yourself into anxiety you can't get over an anxiety disorder by trying to avoid anxiety that is the anxiety disorder the beautiful thing of this throwing yourself into anxiety is that eventually as you work your way out of that pit of anxiety you will actually experience anxiety less I made a video about my own experience one day. 

when I recognized that my brain was behaving differently and I was experiencing anxiety less you can check it out right there and I should add that that video I mean that two years after I have completed a course of behavioral therapy and that's something to keep in mind just as if you've spent your entire life being really unhealthy and not exercising it takes time to start to see change in your body it takes a lot of changes throughout your life to support that your brain is part of your body it takes a long time to change your brain it's going to changes throughout your life to support that but it works so next time that idea pops into your head that, oh I want to experience less anxiety or experiencing too much anxiety recognize that thought recognize it as part of the anxiety to store to say screw you brain you're going to experience more anxiety and then go out and give anxiety a big hug make the changes you need to make in your life so that you can invite anxiety in in a healthy way and just keep hugging it and keep hugging it and keep hugging it and eventually it'll just become a healthy part of your life.

Understanding Anxiety Disorders Just Like 


Understanding Anxiety Disorders Just Like   Elephants:

           Understanding Anxiety Disorders Just Like Elephants:

Anxiety disorders are like elephants, a
nd if you want to understand and get over your anxiety disorder, you really need to look at the entire elephant, holistically and see how all the different parts are working together and not just focus on the nasty symptoms.

To explain this I'm going to divide the elephant up into four parts
. First up we have the trunk and so these are the compulsive behaviors that feed the anxiety disorder, so whether it's something we're checking on something to feel safe or it's a behavior, we're using to cope with anxiety and stress and uncertainty or their behaviors. we're trying to use to control uncertainty in the world. These seem useful they make us happy you can see this is a really happy elephant the problem is those are just feeding the anxiety disorder.

The second part these are the elephant ears. Our elephant ears are big and silly and there's not really much to say about this, other than anxiety disorders make us do things that are silly and embarrassing. The third part this is the massive kind of cumbersome damaging part and the elephant has this big huge gut and it's always, when it's walking around it's always causing all this damage and knocking things over and squishing family members. This is where excuses happen often we're causing lots of damage because of our anxiety disorder but we're usually saying, oh I can't help, it it's just it's a big elephant ,here's an example of what I mean with this I had OCD, struggled with OCD, for more than a decade so it was causing all of this damage.

In my life and I just kept feeding the OCD with compulsive behaviors and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger and it caused more and more damage. It started to prevent me from being able to go places, I wanted to in life because I was chained to the elephant and I just kept making excuses for it, when something bad would happen because of my OCD because of my anxiety disorder I would just make an excuse and I thought I couldn't do anything about it meanwhile, I just kept feeding and feeding the anxiety disorder. Part 4 this is when the elephant takes a big [ __ ] in your life it just stinks up everything. You can't go anywhere without this smell permeating everything you think and everything you do and everyone else around.

you can start to smell it now it's usually at this point that we go to get help problem is that often we go to our therapist for the very first time. we usually just take them a big pile of elephant [ __ ] and we say oh this is really stinking up my life can you fix it the thing is though, you can't fix the anxiety disorder by cleaning up the [ __ ] the [ __ ] is just a symptom the elephant is going to [ __ ] in your life to address the behaviors the seemingly useful behaviours that are feeding the elephant.

Okay so what can you do don't just focus right here. if you start to recognize that your anxiety disorder is causing a lot of problems in your life ask, why is a really powerful question and it's going to help you work your way back to understand how this all started and remember. it's the really smelly stinky parts back here of the anxiety disorder that are going to catch your attention but they're not what's causing the problem got to focus on the useful behaviors up front so find out what those are and then you can start to change those behaviors to be healthier and really support your mental health rather than feeding mental illness.

 I don't want anyone to think that I don't like elephants I love elephants are majestic beasts they're really wonderful so if YOUR CONSIDER IT is a little negative on elephants please forgive Elephants are real King of Jungles & Majestic animals.

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