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How can we be motivated to win from (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder .
Fight in Mental Illness .

The most common question that I get at you know: whether it's people are dealing with Depression or an Anxiety disorder. That is like OCD or an eating disorder or any kind of you know. Whatever it is when it comes to mental health people always like I know what I need to do and but this exposure and response prevention is really Todd. For this Coggan behavioural therapy is really tough can you handle you know it's hard to get up in the morning. And you know exercise or you eat well and cook well yadda yadda like how do people get motivated to tackle and take care of their mental health.

So I hear this question a lot. So I'm gonna give up the secret and the secret is pixie dust, I disturbed from the farts of unicorns no okay that the truth is and this is actually kind of a serious talker. Because it's a big barrier for a lot of people the truth is that motivation is irrelevant and the sooner you recognize that motivation needs to be irrelevant to taking care of your mental health. Taking care of your physical health the better off, you're going to be actually chasing motivation especially. If you're dealing with an anxiety disorder, chasing motivation is part of your disorder right. When people are dealing with anxiety disorders, when people are dealing with poor mental health. In general they love to chase cures and magic pills and the right solution and chasing particular feelings. so this actually would go across the board, anyone who's dealing with sort of unhealthy emotional problems, they like to chase specific feelings.

When we chase happiness we actually create unhappiness. When you chase motivation you actually create a lack of motivation and searching for the right feeling before you do something just creates a barrier. It doesn't have to be there it's motivation doesn't exist like people who take care of the mental help they don't wait for motivation. If you wait for motivation you'll be waiting your entire life because even when, you, if you, actually did feel motivated your brain would say, oh. But are you really motivated if you spend your energy doing this. Right now you know you might not have energy to do something else later and really you should save your energy and your brain will just come up with all these rationalizations and excuses for. Why you shouldn't do what you want to do so you have to remove feeling and your brain from the equation and just do what you know is healthy.

At first that's incredibly difficult if you're not used to doing what's healthy for you and what you know you want to do. It's going to be incredibly difficult. There's gonna be all it's going to cause all sorts of anxiety. It's going to be stressful, it's going to be exhausting and you just have to do it and the more body will recognize: hey this is something, I do this is normal and it'll quit feeling, so difficult and it'll quit being so tough. But after years of always waiting for motivation or waiting to feel good about something or waiting to feel happy you're waiting to feel right and chasing these feelings that don't exist. They're totally made up are totally made up in your brain, of course they never come and so, you've actually become worse and worse and worse at doing stuff and doing stuff that's good for you and healthy for you. Because your body just wants to save energy. Your brain just wants to save energy. It's not going to waste energy, so if you're waiting for motivation you're waiting for your brain to know. If you want to do you need to make your body do things it doesn't want to do overtime. You'll learn, your body will learn, your brain will learn that those things are normal. But at first, you're going to have to push them.

 So when it comes to getting motivated to tackle your OCD, we shouldn't wait for motivation. The motivation is irrelevant if you wait for motivation. You may as well wait until you meet a unicorn because they're both going to come at the same time never just go and be healthy. Don't wait for your brain your brain is going to make excuses. Your brain is going to make rationalizations. It's not something you can, it's not something you can afford to wait for you waste any more of your life waiting to feel right. So you can be healthy, you're just going to get unhealthier and unhealthier and lose out on all the things you want to do, So just go and do them and let your brain catch up with you.

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Wanting to judge and discriminate between memories being unreal or genuine or right or incorrect or good or bad is really a path that goes nowhere healthy. It's a symptom and an underlying cause of OCD and trying to constantly discriminate and label your memories is only gonna allow you to be sicker.

 Once we're trying to puzzle out in the event that memory is real or perhaps not or whether it's proper or not. We wind up tossing ourselves down this rabbit gap of anxiety. Looking at all of these different faculties and wanting to invent reasons about what makes a memory that is real? why is a memory that is false? why is thought good or what makes a thought? that is bad it's impossible to really ever be certain. Therefore, it simply throws us on this unending cycle and causes more and more and more anxiety,trying to figure out if your memory is real or not considering all these labels that you meant is not any different than racking your brains on that you invent and all these characteristics. If your banana is genuine or otherwise not by wanting to count the brown spots so I got this banana is it drunk onto it 1 2 3 24 25 no it isn't a brown spot or is that a brown line okay. And so I probably took it from somebody: have always been i stolen from a store: personally, i think like I stole it from an old girl, I can't really remember: let's say I got pregnant: this banana dough you can form of tell from the shade of yellowish and so I do not actually keep in mind it.

 I became having per day that is bad I obtained this banana. It's not a good banana this banana I believe there have been maybe six clouds in the sky once I bought this banana, so I'm pretty sure this can be a banana that is real this banana: I became a sort of tired later within the day which means this banana I'm pretty sure is real. You realize whenever a banana is not genuine a false a banana that is false banana is false is a logical individual, you understand I might we, would know, from it absolutely was it, in fact, was a Tuesday and we completely understand this banana is real such as a thing like. imagine if what if it's not really big it's E coli in it it gets essential to learn, just what banana is genuine it is a banana that is real unreal I'm pretty sure this banana is unreal.

 I believe you'll sort of telling through the size by searching online for symptoms, I'm pretty sure I saw a website that says if what if We call it rational you can inform through the size then I enjoy think of things can't precisely remember true what. I love to be an individual that is logical. I like individuals who say I'm great at thinking banana with the banana is real but it is me that isn't real, Reid I quickly know for certain real so when real false banana if i find another person who has the exact same experience with bananas. I believe one looks real form of think,it's a memory that is genuine I can't remember it exactly. But i must say i wish to remember.I feel bad I had the bad banana good bad banana: good banana: oh but I do not eat the bad banana about myself if.

 Wanting to label memories is real or unreal as false or real or good or bad is strictly exactly like trying to label bananas considering some faculties and aspects which can be shallow you constitute in your mind and that's actually what are you doing here. You're getting upset about labels you enhance memories so you have control over that, memories are memories thoughts or thoughts,  bananas are only bananas, you receive at night trivial faculties you apply to them, okay. You crack them available and get inside and it is only a banana it is therefore once you peel away all those labels and judgments that you increase the banana there's nothing there but banana.

Similar, go for your memories there's nothing there but memory all that other junk you label on top of that is just your OCD. That is simply your panic that is merely a lot of unhealthy judgment, that you are then reacting to and feeling that is getting bad about getting sicker and making your OCD, even worse. So the trick here is to just accept what's going on in your head is just stuff in your mind. A memory an intrusive idea whether it is a idea. Thought, you're feeling you keep in mind getting or memory that just pops into your head like you developed a memory. Just accept it, it is mind in food digestion. It's weather passing over your soul it is simply here, it is simply a banana: a banana that is bad.

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