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Criticism on Films/Movies is an Art:

An Article on :  Criticism on Films/Movies is an Art:
Criticism on Films/Movies is an Art

I want to write on, “Film-Criticism as an Art”. Where it used to be? Where it is today? Where it's moving in the future?”: and write thoughts of other in the same field. A lot of people who are writing tend to think that people who are doing other mays of Criticism: for some reason are not film critics for real and I'm gonna write a little bit about that in this article as well and I hope you read this article fully.

I think you guys are gonna be pretty excited to know, what I want to cover first is getting started being a film critic. How you start doing something like that because a lot of people has to be this and I mean a lot I get a lot of messages daily of people, who want me to read their and offer them advice. So, what I want to do is sort of go over some of the majority questions that I get and talk about them in ways that hopefully can be helpful. I started with film reviews as a hobby. I had a normal job. I worked for a school system on a school bus I worked with mentally handicapped children. That was what I did. It was my normal job. I supervised them on a school bus. I took care of them, I made sure that their trip to school was safe. If something happened along the way, I was the person who tried to take care of that problem on the weekends. I would try to see as many films, as I can sometimes I would go to the Thursday midnight showing, of a film and then at 5:00 a.m. on Friday go to work. That was fun I started doing written reviews actually which is something that I think a lot of people do not know.

So, that's one of the reasons, I want to write more about the written aspect and the video aspect is, I've actually done both. When I moved over to doing video reviews, I found that I was able to infuse so much more energy physically to a video, then I was able to in my writing and that's one of the things that appealed to me the most. Now in my opinion a film review has to contain a few things for one you have to give the reader or the viewer some idea of what the movie is about. And that's why I always start out my reviews with a very brief synopsis. Now some film critics go very in-depth with this and they go into almost the entire first act of the movie is written as if it's the synopsis. You don't even have to watch the first 45 minutes any more, I don't do that. I basically tell you a quick little bit like what you might read on the IMDB plot synopsis and then I move on to my review.

 When Roger Ebert was alive he said something very profound to me and I'm gonna write this because I don't have his exact quote. If you give a film a negative review someone who watched your review or read it has to be able to assume that that is a film they might actually enjoy. Based off of your description of the movie so in other words you don't just start out your review just completely trashing it. You don't just: I freaking hate this movie ,this is this and this is wrong and all this you have to at least give the film some respect. Roger Ebert said give the film its day in court. Even films that I absolutely loved, I try to at least explain what the film is about and then why I hated the film so much. Because then a viewer who may watch that review thinking I kind of want to see this movie what are his thoughts on it. They might think you know what those things that he mentioned it's not gonna bother me I'm gonna go see that movie now what I try to do is I always try to have a balance of positive and negative because usually there's a little bit of both in each movie. Rarely, do I ever see a film that's all one or all the other.

Sometimes that does happen but what I do is, I talk about the positives first. I view it as the way you are supposed to critique. Actual people one of the things that I was taught in school from a teacher was that whenever a teacher is giving a student some sort of advice he or she usually tries to start with the positives first they say you know what you were very good with your sentence structure on that report your spelling was top-notch however it just felt jumbled and messy to me and that's the way I approach film reviews as well and I think it's the best way to do that because if you start with the positive it gives the viewer the notion that you have a level head you're not just there to bash this thing you're not just a person who goes and sits there and is a critic in a negative term who just hates everything he hates like he doesn't want to experience any fun he's very pessimistic about everything because the term film critic nowadays can kind of come with a bit of a negative connotation.

Some people view film critics as these people who just hover over the audience. Who don't actually have a communal experience with everyone else who feel they are above everyone. In my opinion that is false for the majority of film critics but there are definitely film critics out there, what I have read their reviews and I have thought do. You even like what you're doing now you can give the films a grade, if you wish there's all different types of things. You can use stars letter grades. You can make up your own grade whatever you want to do the reason. I give a film of grade is it helps me to be able to balance out the way, I feel about the film's throughout the year and grades for some critics are the bane of our existence and not because, we don't want to give a film of great, it's because sometimes when you have some notice. And the people start to send you messages like why didn't you give a film that grade or why didn't you give that film your perfect grade. Because you didn't mention any flaws in your review.

 So why didn't you give that film an A+ or five stars are 10 out of 10. Because you mentioned no flaws or is donjon really as good as the Dark Knight. Because you gave them both the same grade. Grades are very very different than what you may be thinking. See I view a film within its genre. let's take Don John for instance. I love that movie and I did give it an A+. I did think that as a romantic comedy that was one of the best. I'd seen I also gave the dark night in A+ because I thought that as a comic book film that was one of the best. If not the best I've seen is the Dark Knight better than Don Jon: yes of course it is they got the same grade though does that mean they're the same. No they're both in different genres and so that has a different meaning for that type of grade.

So, whatever you want to do with the rating is completely up to you. You can use one, you don't have to my next point that I want to talk about is your style, a film critics style the way in which you write or film your reviews. Because this is in my opinion quite possibly the most important aspect of a film review is your own voice. You have to be able to figure out who you are as a person because this is one of the hardest parts about being a film critic because for sure being a film critic is technically awesome.

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