Telepathy : An Introduction (1):

Telepathy : An Introduction (1):

            Telepathy : An Introduction (1):

The world of Science is fully aware of the Galaxies and Solar Systems. What is the relation of our Earth with the lights of the Glaxies & Solar systems and what is the effect of these lights or emissions on the Humans, Animals ,Plants and other organisms of our earth? This period has now comes infront of Science. The scientists must had to understand that , how these emissions from the Galaxies and solar systems effect the inside of all being on earth? How it effets the behavior or the behavioural changes in all the beings on this earth. One of the belif in science is that that every thisng that exist on earth is made up of waves, and we can only call it light nothing else.

In Telepathy such knowledge is discussed: which works behind the conscience. This knowledge tells us that the hold of our conscience is just not real. For example: when we see a hard object then we have a knowledge how hard that substance would be. However, that  hard thing never struck our mind.  In view of science and covertly knowledge, every thing that we sees is a combination of rays or waves. When we look towards a wood or iron the rays from the wood or iron material informs our mind. To know weather which one is wood or iron it is not necessary to touch it.

Important point is that this rays or waves doesn’t have any hardness or weight. Then how we understand that certain thing is hard while the other thing is soft. When we look towards water or touch water, immediately it comes to our mind that it is water , however it has no effects on our mind  I,e the mind doesent becomes wet, then how we say that this is water?

More then, 60 types of colors had been identified/found. When we see any color we not only immediately identify it, but also get associate with the light or heavy nature of the colour. When we see green colour or greenery we feel relax. A continuous exposure to red color had a negative effect on the mind. Also, a little more color than normal disturbs the mind balance.

Reality is this everything exists in a different and specified amount. Specified quantity of rays or waves differentiate one thing from another. The rays or waves of thing tells us his presence. In short we can say that that every that that exist is the second name for rays or waves and the rays or ways of one thing is different from other. If we know that in all beings or non living things, what kind of waves work and how these waves can be controlled. Then we can easily effect these things. Waves or rays are a continuous movement and there is a formula for the movement of these waves or rays inside any thing. In our surrounding a lot of sounds are there in space. These voices are also available in the form of waves and their wave-lengths are bigger or smaller. The scientist have just found out that the voice below the dia of 400 can not be heard by humans, as well as voices above dia  1600 can t be heard either. Voices below the dia of 400 can be heard with electric waves and above 1600 dia voices cant not be heard even with electric waves.

The process in eyes is also takes place due to rays or waves. How, much the condition of eyes is it accepts more waves and also able to differentiate between different rays or waves. The main principle of Telepathy is this, that through practice the sense of eye should have to be made so strong that it could be able to differentiate between different types of waves. Eyes are also part of it when it sees it cause great impact. The image of out side through eyes effects the inner part of the brain.

We already discussed that voice below the dia of 1600 can be heard with electric waves because all our visual adds and thoughts are electric waves in nature. If our thoughts are other then electric waves, then they would never accept electric waves.

In Telepathy these thoughts that are actually electric waves are transferred to other peoples. For the transfer of thoughts it is necessitated that these waves should concentrate on one particle or direction or on a specific path. If it concentrates for small time it effects a lot. Even human beings or nonliving things can be effected through these waves.

This is important to understand that that every that we sees are not outside. The light of everything in this universe is in our inside. We believe that everything that we sees are before us, however, the existence of anything is just imagination. Everything lies inside of us. In reality we examine everything from inside and this is all our knowledge.

In Telepathy first of all these practices are carried out that everything exist inside of us. After completion of the practices, a man begin to sees this that certain thing exist inside of me and after continuous concentration the eyes begins to stays on that thing. Practices of breath and are usually carried out.

Before having a discussion on practices Law of Sight must have to understand. When our sight stays or concentrates on something. It dissolves it inside and displays it on the screen of of the brain and this brain sees and feels that thing. The brain then sees and feels the thing, and defines it. Lad of sight says that when it trgets any thing. Then on the screen of the mind the image of the thing stays for 15 seconds. And the gradually it demises and went to our memory and the second image comes on the screen of the mind. If sight is concentrated on a specific point for more then 15 sec  the one target repeatedly appears on the screen of mind and stamps in memory. 

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