Normal Life after Mental Health Issues:

Back to normal after mental illness

                                            Normal Life after Mental Health Issues:

A lot of people saying they want things to be normal and they want things to be back to the way they were. So, people dealing with mental illness and they say, I just wish my brain would work, the way it used to. I just wish I could, you know, I just wish I knew that I was in love or I just wish I knew that my memories were real or I just wish I could be certain again or feel safe again or wish my unhealthy compulsions would give me the same relief that they used to. Whatever you do not go back to what you think is normal.

 Normal is what got you to where you are normal. Normal is part of the illness going back to the way things were only leads to the way things are. 100 percent of mental illnesses are caused by the way things work when we look at the causes. The things that exacerbate mental illnesses when we look, so there's genetic factors that plays a big part. There's environmental factors and this is the things ,you're taught and there's the things you do. So, we're all born along this spectrum of mental health and we're all varying levels of mental health and from every decision, we're making, we're constantly either improving or worsening our mental health and moving it along that spectrum for years and years and years.

You feel everything's normal and then emissions you get this place everything explodes and falls apart the thing is. It's not as though you just jumped across that spectrum. I'm practicing lots and lots of things in that environment, in those genetic factors have all been playing a part. When we look at those so that the way things were normal, we can't change your genetics, the environment, sometimes we can change it sometimes we can. Things were taught we can learn new things once, we're old enough to make decisions about what we want to learn and then we look at behaviors. Those behaviors that were part of the way things used to be. Those, can change, our brains can change, if we change our behaviors and really commit ourselves to making those changes and practicing them every single day, the same way we used to practice unhealthy behaviors every single day and push our brains along that continuum of mental health until hit that mental.

On this point being healthy takes a lot of practice. It takes daily practice so that you can get good at it going back to the way things were. Those old sets of behaviors, they contributed to that mental illness, so that's why we can't go back to the way things are. That's what wanting you to go back to normal, if you don't want to stick with the mental illness. Normal is and the way things were, whatever normal is the way things used to be. It's just out of the question wanting to go back to normal and not then end up with the mental illness is like saying, I really love jumping in the pool but I hate getting wet. I want to jump in the pool and not get wet, those are connected. You can't go back to those old behaviors and not end up an illness. Again you know that's where they lead.

The great part is that our brains really can change and that we really can live in existence. That's totally different from the way things used to be and it's phenomenal. I mean, i would never ever want to go back to the way things were. What I was dealing with my anxiety disorder just think those are like that  was terrible. Like that is such an unpleasant way to live and the problem is that, I was so completely separated, my actions in my everyday life were so completely separated from, who I knew I was and who, I wanted to be and so getting rid of those little behaviors has helped me finally allowing those two things. That's so valuable and important, just in everyday life and it's completely different from the way things used to be. So, if you're dealing, if struggling with mental illness right now, you know, it's tough and it's difficult to deal with. Changes are really really difficult and it takes tons and constant work just as it takes lots and lots of work for years and years to work yourself up to a mental illness. It also takes a lot of time and a lot of years to work yourself up to being mentally healthy but stick with it.

It's not the way things work but it's a million times better than the way things ever were and that's a really enjoyable experience to live. So, when it comes to wanting things to be normal and wanting that the way things used to be. It really encouraged you to throw that out, forget normal because not part of the illness and look to a place, that's completely different look to places. In the future that's completely different from where you used to be because that completely different place that's gonna say, to you to a much healthier place and a much healthier life. 

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