Travel through Anxiety:

Travel through Anxiety
Travel through Anxiety

I am very excited to write that my workout is now available in the United Kingdome. It's going to be coming out in several different countries over the month ahead in multiple languages but right now on the net. Your case says you can get to mind workout I think you can get it shipped to you anywhere in the world.

 It is really exciting to find how you have this out here even with all of the amazing digital platforms. We have there's still something about books. You know I love that you can take this on your journey with you in your legs as you're doing things to take care of your mental health. As you're cutting out compulsion is you're running into difficult challenges. You can have this with you, you can share this with somebody. So, you just say hey you know what this really helped me with taking care of my mental health. Why don't you check it out because in many ways that why I made this book this is all of the stuff that helps me take care of my mental health and now I can kind of put it in a book .

You don't need an illness or a label stuck on you to pick up this book and I think that is such an important change to make with how we presented health. When we publish books because if you look at physical fitness book, they're all about the skills you learn. They're all about where you're going but for too long if you pick up a mental health book. It was all about being sick, it was about having an illness and we need to make this shift to recognize that when you are taking care of your muscle that is healthy just like when somebody is taking care of their physical fitness. The mind worker is the book that I wish had existed back when I was struggling with my mental health. I wish it had been around 20 years before I was struggling with my mental health, so that I wouldn't have had to go through that. This is all about learning the fundamental skills and that will help you accept the stuff in your head.

Whatever that is and do the things, you want to do in life, there's a ton of practical skills in here. I've talked about how to get a meditation practice started how to accept the extreme consequences of your fears through brains and stuff worrying about them. We'll look at values and shifting the fuel for your life because, when you're struggling with your mental health the fuel of your life probably anxiety and fear and uncertainty and building better mental health is going to be about using your values to fuel your actions. It's full of Design Thinking exercises to visualize this stuff in your head and the systems around you, so you can better understand what's getting in the way of change and then how you can overcome those challenges, giving struggles with focus in stress at work difficulty in relationships or just generally you always notice your brain is getting in the way of doing the things you actually care about in life.

Then there are tools in here help you with overcoming those barriers and getting to where you want to be, because this is the workout. Know that it might be challenging, you are going to sweat. I,t will be difficult you're going to fail and notice that's totally ok . That's part of it we just sweat. We did challenges and then we try again and we talk to other people to get support and we learn from them and we look at how they're able to overcome those challenges. It is so necessary that we create a community around mental health and fitness that's similar to the community around physical health and fitness, we need all the blogs and all the articles about how to do the exercises. That help us maintain and improve our mental health.

What you're doing share your own modifications to the exercises in the mind workout share how, you adapt them to your own cultural context, your own environmental context talk about what you're going through. We have to build community around this grab the book everybody that's already got it thank you so much please review it on Amazon I would love to hear what you think and let's support each other ask questions on here ask them over on my blog whatever works for you let's support each other as we sweat together as we think more and feel more and experience whatever our brains can throw to us well we live the lives we want to live.  

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