Treating Mental Illness with Rays of Light & Reviewing a Light Box:

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                  Treating Mental Illness with Rays of Light & Reviewing a Light Box:

I have heard a lot about sad lamps and always thought wow that is so great, the lamps are exploring their full range of emotions. But then, I learned that stands for seasonal affective disorder, when the plants die the air grows cold and the world darkens. So, the theory goes your heart does too and light hypothetically is supposed to help with that.

 Mental illness goals: When I struggled with mental illness it was more of an every season kind of thing and my mental health is in great shape now. So, I can't speak to whether this will do anything for mental health but my sleep patterns do change in the winter. They shift later as the sunrise gets later and i don't like that. My favorites on the right is first thing in the morning before other people are awake. So, I was curious if getting up and sitting in front of the lamp was going to trick my body into believing the sunrise is still happening at 6 : 00 am. So I set my alarm to get up every morning for a week to sit for 30 minutes under the light and read.

 By reading the shobo genzo by dogen, which is partly a deep exploration of zen philosophy and partly a collection of 13th century sub-tweets at monks for being bad. So, I have been testing out the carex daylight classic plus it retails for around say 150 to 200 depending on where you get it in terms of product, when it arrives it came in three pieces. The light box is kind of stand and then the base down here it was super easy to assemble the light box just slides on and off the stand in the back it's quite light and then the base is weighted. So, it looks like when you see it on a table it looks like it could be very top-heavy but actually, it's quite sturdy. The base really holds it there's and it never fell, when I was using it and turning it on and off. It never fell like it was going to like fall over or anything like that. Inside the light box, it's packing, I believe a set of three compact fluorescent light bulbs, that generate 10 000 lux at 12 inches. If that number does not mean anything to you right now don't worry, we're going to come back to it but remember that as you can kind of see in the hyper-lapse there. It's quite bright when it's going, kind of like that, it was enjoyable to sit by this really bright light and read it's kind of it felt like I was doing something because there's also the possibility that if you drop the brightness down, you're actually taking it potentially out of the range, where it could be effective according to what research has shown us.

 Also, the visual aesthetics might be challenging for some with this particular light but any kind of so-called evidence-based light, in general, will be larger. This lightbox itself is 16 inches by 13 inches. The whole lamp is 25 inches that's around 63 centimetres tall. So, when it's in a room, it's a substantial centrepiece potentially particularly, if you have to know to say a smaller apartment or something like that, it's not exactly like. You can put it somewhere and take it out each morning. When you want to use it having said that there are other models that are arguably a little bit sleeker, might fit with your decor better carrox has other models as well generally. Though you're going to be looking for something that is larger, what we're seeing in research that does suggest, some effect it tends to involve a large lightbox now. Here's something curious because, if you're looking for one of these lights generally you're going to go larger but, when i was looking at the lights that were popular on everywhere. I saw something curious curiously concerning first off since we were just talking about size. The most popular lights on net are all relatively small compared to the sizes of light boxes. We see getting used in research so the best seller is six by seven inches on the one suggested by Net. the light box is six by six inches several times smaller than the one that, I was trying out and do you remember that number I mentioned 10 000 lux at 12 inches. You can see if you look at the lights on the Net almost all of them say 10 000 lux in their name but notice that something's missing the distance.

You know lux is a measure of light intensity at a specific distance. Don't be fooled just by seeing that term 10 000 lux because nearly all of these lamps with 10 000 lux on the title are just doing that. The reality is you can say any light is 10 000 lux.A cheap light could be 10 000 lux but you have to hold the light up to your eyeball. It's like don't do that but that's why they're able to get away with saying, it's 10 000 lux as long as you don't say the distance. It's technically true at some distance. Another strange thing I noticed online a lot of these lights are basically LEDs stuck on a small piece of plastic and sold for a high-profit margin. They have excellent reviews. So, I don't know is there a strong placebo effect here is it the other stuff people are doing. 

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