Tenders in Pakistan Public Works Department



Sealed tender bids on the basis of "Single Stage Two envelops Procedure" are hereby invited for execution of the following works from eligible contractors/firms duly enlisted/register with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in relevant specialization technical category and financial limit Category C-5 & above is required on percentage rates basis on Pak. PWD Schedule of Rates 2022, who process valid renewal with PEC, having renewal up to 30/06/2023.

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Terms and Condition for Bidding:

1. The constructors/firms/companies who will receive bidding documents are required to submit their bid in two separate sealed envelops, i.e., one envelop containing technical information/data and documents of the contractor/firm required for post qualification, clearly marked as "Technical Bid', while the second envelop containing bid price clearly marked as 'Financial Bid". 2.The application must be accompanied with bid security in shape of CDR/deposit at call from any Scheduled Bank of Pakistan, in favour of Executive Engineer, Central Civil Division-11, Pak PWD, Peshawar, clearly mentioning the name of firm, whereas the difference of the tendered amount must be accompanied with Financial Bid with its sealed envelop.

3.Bidders may purchase the Bidding Documents from the office of Executive Engineer, Central Civil Division-II, Pak. PWD Peshawar at cost of Rs. 5,000/-(Non refundable upto 17/07/2023 during office hours.


4. Envelopes of Technical Bid & Financial Bid shall be submitted in the office of the Executive Engineer, Central Civil Division-II, Pak. PWD Shami Road Peshawar on 18/07/2023 by 12.30 PM. The envelope containing Technical Bid shall be opened on same day at 01.00 PM in the presence of Bidders representatives who opt to be present, Bids received after the prescribed date and time shall not be accepted.

5.Bidders will be Technically Qualified on the basis of information provided with the Bids as per the criteria prescribed in the Bidding Documents. Once a Technical Bid received and opened in this office, no addition/subtraction/alteration of any sort of document will be acceptable.

6. Pay Order/Demand draft will not be acceptable.


7. All CDR once received will be credit into the Government Account and will be re-funded through Government Cheque..

8. No tender will be entertained without bid security @ 2% of the bid amount if not found will be declared as non responsive.

9. Every firm/contractor must provide the affidavit on stamp paper regarding the non litigation with the department.

10. Under Rule 33(1) of PPRA Rules 2004, the under singed reserves the right to accept/reject any or all bids/ proposals at any time prior to acceptance of a bid or proposal.

11. The documents provided by the bidders will be verified and in case found ambiguous/fake one, the firm will face immediate/appropriate penal action as per rules and law.


-- As per PPRA rule 36(b), open competitive Bidding with "Single Stage Two Envelop" Procedure- One envelop containing Technical Proposal and the other Financial Proposal and both sealed in separate envelopes.

--After conducting evaluation of Technical Bids, qualified firms shall be informed accordingly for opening of their Financial Bids whereas bids of unqualified firms shall be returned unopened.

--Non-compliance of Instructions to bidders in the Tender Documents will lead to disqualification/non-responsiveness of the bid/firm.

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