Is America really free in terms of constitution and social attitudes?

Is America really free in terms of constitution and social attitudes?
Is America really free in terms of constitution and social attitudes?

There is a tradition in American politics, the peaceful transfer of power. No one loses or wins, there are no uprisings in the context of the presidential election. Yes, the courts may be involved in determining the election results or the results may be delayed. But perhaps for the first time in American history, such a large-scale president has refused to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power before the election.

Recently, many in the US media have expressed concern that President Trump has acted irresponsibly by not doing so. In the United States, state institutions are strong and the country is unlikely to revolt after the election results, but what many would agree is that if President Trump loses, his country will lose. Voters can stage violent protests.

In these possible demonstrations, we may see more weapons in the hands of ordinary citizens than the citizens of any other Western developed country. The United States is the only country in the world where ordinary citizens have more pistols and guns than the total population.But the right to bear arms is enshrined in the US Constitution. At least so far in its judicial interpretation, it has been said that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution allows this. Despite many lawsuits and years of efforts, opponents of the large number of civilian weapons have not been able to change that.

The U.S. Constitution sets out a few other similar rights and beliefs that are the foundation of the American state, the most important part of American culture, and the pillars of the American government. These traditions, rights and beliefs that the founders of the United States wrote in the US Constitution two centuries ago in the context of gaining independence from Britain today range from the right of women to abortion in the United States to the problems of capitalism Solutions are fundamental to every debate. These are ideas that American political science students believe in.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness:

Before the US Constitution, the first 13 US colonies declared independence from Britain and published it in the Declaration of Independence. In the statement, the Americans stated what kind of government they want and the first words are:

We acknowledge the truth that all men are made equal, that their Creator has given them certain rights that cannot be taken away from them, including the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. ۔ And the legitimate powers of governments created to protect these rights come with the consent of the government. If any govt: don care of the principles or happines of people, the people remove it and establish a good new government based on these principles and with a division of power that protects them and Give happiness

that is, the pursuit of equality, freedom, and happiness is enshrined in fundamental rights, the rule of law is imprisoned in the will of the people, and governmental powers are reserved for the protection and happiness of the people.

But is there equality in America?

When the United States was founded, only white men had these rights. Instead, only white landowners had men. If you did not have land, you did not have the right to vote. Black people could be enslaved and bought and sold like goats. Women gained the right to vote a century later, in 1920, through the 19th Amendment.

That may not be the case today, but minorities in the United States still face difficulties. The reality on the ground is that black people are subjected to daily police brutality. Women are salaried less as compared to men for the same type of efforts, Racism, patriarchy, even if it has been abolished in the constitution, has not been eradicated from the society. It took more than two centuries for the country's first non-white president to arrive, and the female president is still a dream.

Liberty as long as the state wishes:

According to the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, no citizen can be held incommunicado and everyone has the right to a speedy trial. Police cannot enter anyone's home without a warrant. Every citizen has the right to a trial in the event of an allegation. All this freedom was probably kept by the founders of the United States to curb the will of the British monarchs.


But there are some chapters and questions in American history where breaking the principle of liberty (through the bar of advocacy) has hurt, if not at least.

For example, under the guise of the war on terror, the United States has built a prison in Guantanamo Bay where not only enemy detainees but also American citizens are being held. For many years, these accused were not given the right to a trial. Their families were not told what the crime of their loved ones was.

Another example is related to women's rights. By the way, every citizen has the right to seek his own happiness, and to make his own decisions. But when it comes to abortion, it is illegal in many states in the United States. Here the state is forcing the woman to decide her body according to the will of the state. In this debate in the United States, some critics say that conservatives know how to protect the rights of the child in the womb of the mother, but they do not see the black youth who die on the streets every day at the hands of the police.

Freedom of expression and freedom of religion:

. It is difficult for the United States to question this. The First Amendment to the Constitution includes freedom of expression and religion. Not only in the Constitution, but in the United States as a whole, anyone is allowed to believe in anything, adopt any belief and publish or broadcast these beliefs in any way. There are all kinds of broadcasters in the country and the media is very strong. But yes, there are laws against slander and false accusations.

But there is an interesting problem. According to US courts, these rights belong not only to human beings but also to companies. Because of this, rich American citizens and big companies can run any kind of 'information campaign'. For example, if you want to run an advertisement on TV in favor of an election candidate, then not only the citizens but also the companies have this right.

What is the result? Whoever has the money, he will run the advertisement in favor of the will and the will to win the election. How many people in the American public have the resources to win the technology company Apple, or the oil company Shell? When these companies support a politician on the basis of free speech, how can that politician, after being elected, legislate against them and for the protection of the people.

Let's take another example. The United States is probably the only country where not only prescription drugs, ie common home remedies like Disprin, etc., but also medicines that cannot be obtained without a doctor's prescription are advertised on TV. Why? Because even the big companies that make them have the right to advertise their products freely. Gradually, word got out that doctors were forcing patients to take the medicine I had advertised. And the doctor also seems to listen to the patient who is forced by income, whether that medicine is the best choice for the patient or not.


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