Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones:

Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones
Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones:

The mobile phone has completely changed people's lives. In old times people were facing problems in order to connect/communicate with each other. It took lot of time to know about each other or to convey something important. We had to spend a lot of money to buy a camera to take pictures and then had to wait for many days to actually see the pictures but today we get so many such facilities/options in only one place at all. There is a single solution now. The Mobile Technology which is improving on daily basis is greatly affecting the lives of the peoples of the world.

After invention of mobile phones, it has now become a necessity of human life. According to a careful estimate, half of world population uses mobile phones. A survey conducted by the Bank-of-America found that 90% of people between the ages of 18 and 22 say that mobile phone is one of their most important needs. 93% of people think that mobile phone is more important to them than toothbrush and perfume. It was also stated that everyone looks at their mobile phone separately every 5 minutes. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. Lets have a look how mobile phone operates. How it is suitable for us and how it is effecting our daily lives.

Mobile Phone Advantages:

Quick Contact: Mobile phones were originally developed from the earliest communication systems. They were prepared for better communication with each other. People can now not only talk with each other but also can see each other easily. In reality, we can say only distances reduction is one of the great benefits of mobile phones we use now a days.
Web Site Searching: Mobile phones have made website search much easier for people. We can connect our mobile phone to web any where and any time to get information what we need. The quickest and easiest access to information is now possible with this gadget.
Camera: Cameras are very important in the time of selfies. Because of mobile phones, it is not necessary to take a separate camera for pictures & videos, especially nowadays when people like to post their pictures and videos on social media. According to a study by Chate-Hai (Com-Tech), the third biggest priority of a person/consumer in buying a phone is the cameras.
Entertainment: Mobile is a huge source of books, games, movies, music, and entertainment; according to statistics, 1.6 million people in North America use mobile phones to play games, moreover users (Using iTunes and Spotify) can also sit in the middle and listen to your favorite song. Mobile also made books reading and watching movies , playing games very simple and easy for us.

Education: Its benefits in knowledge are also numerous, especially if we talk about children, with easy access to information and educational-materials, educational-videos and interesting games that improves the mental-capacity/strength and provides ways to learn. If they want to know about a specific topic, they can not only find the topic they are looking for by searching on the internet, but their knowledge is also greatly enhanced.

Apps can do almost anything on the mobile for us. The Google Store has more than 3 million apps, while there are 1.5 million apps (Apple Store). The functionality (method) of the apps used varies from one to another such as (online store, ticket-booking, video-editor, personal assistant photo, payment-system, data-analysis) etc.
Apps can do almost anything on the mobile for us. The Google Store has more than 3 million apps, while there are 1.5 million apps (Apple Store). The functionality (method) of the apps used varies from one to another such as (online store, ticket-booking, video-editor, personal assistant photo, payment-system, data-analysis) etc.
GPS: Most mobiles are now equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS). With this technology, people can easily reach any desired address or area around the world. This has not only improved communication but also improved mobility.
Protection of personal information:
With mobile you can do whatever you want without anyone knowing. You can create your own pictures and save them in your personal folder. You can send a message to your loved ones without being afraid of anyone knowing, similarly online transaction can also be easily done through mobile.
Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones:
Inflation : Mobiles are expensive, especially those that have a lot of apps, space and features in them. Apart from mobiles, there are also many apps that have to be purchased to fully use all their features, even if you use the internet. Also, due to high prices it is very difficult for moderate earning people to buy one.
Poor social communication: According to a new report by an analytics-firm (Flory), people use mobile phones for 8 hours a day. People's preferences have changed. Nowadays, people prefer to spend time with their mobiles instead of spending time with their elders, children, friends and family.
Destruction: In addition to the constructive aspect, the mobile phone can be a disaster. There are apps that keep you up to date with the latest messages, breaking news, etc. Therefore, the continuity of your constructive ability can be affected because when you check the mobile. There is an update that makes you leave all your important work and get busy with mobile.
Adverse health effects: From a health point of view, there are many negative effects. (Energy) produces mobile phones (radio frequencies) that can absorb the tissues inside the human body and cause damage to sleep deprivation. Furthermore, the light emitted from the mobile phone (HIV) is very harmful to the retina.
Habit:  Does it happen to you that when you wake up early in the morning you want nothing more than to check your mobile? If your answer is yes, then it means that you have entered the early stage of mobile phone addiction and the result will be that you will get addicted to mobile phone to this extent.
Immoral content: Finally, we will highlight one of the disadvantages of the mobile phone that is causing the deterioration of society. Because of the Internet, you can easily see all kinds of immoral content, especially children, knowingly or unknowingly, everything that can affect their social behavior. Different (action game) Violence begins to take root in the nature of children by playing. We should take special care of what our children are searching for on their mobile phones.

Similarly as everything has its merits and demerits, so too does this gadget have its advantages & drawbacks. We should utilize cell phones so as to not influence our well-being, life , environment nor does it hurt the lives of others.

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