The largest and farthest black hole Discovered:

The largest and farthest black hole Discovered:
                        The largest and farthest black hole Discovered:

Astronomers say they have discovered a black hole that is much larger in size and farther away from us. Scientists did not know anything about this discovery before today.

This black hole, or Rosen Black, is 13 billion light-years away and is thought to have been seen by humans 690 million years after the Big Bang.

Its size can be estimated to be 800 million times the mass of our black hole. Astronomers and scientists say that this black hole became so large immediately after the beginning of the universe.

In the eyes of scientists, the new research on this black hole is based on data available from observatories or observatories spread around the world. The whole work was printed in the SJN (Scientific journal of Nature). Scientists say that this initial 'blessing' (newly discovered black hole) of the universe swallows the material in the middle of the galaxy. That is why it is 'almost star-like' and like planets with a center full of energy and a source of light. The newly discovered black hole has also become an interesting discovery because it was born at a time when the universe was only five percent of its present age.
Scientists believe that at that time the universe was freeing itself from the constraints of time, which has been dubbed the 'Dark Ages', the time just before the stars formed.

Eduardo Bandos, the author of the study, writes in the journal Nature: "This discovery is challenging all theories about large black holes, since they were so large in just 690 years after the creation of the discovered black hole universe."

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