American research: In our Solar System we have another planet very big:

TAmerican research: In our Solar System we have another planet very big:
American research: In our Solar System we have another planet very big:

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology , a US Scientific Research Institute, have found evidence that there is another very big/ large planet present in our solar-system.

According to one estimate, it is a planet about the size of Neptune that orbits our Sun and is very far from Pluto. 

Researchers have named this planet 'Planet Nine' and it is 10 times bigger than the Earth and its orbit is 20 times farther from the Sun than Neptune. It could take 10,000 to 20,000 Earth years to complete one revolution around the sun. According to the US space agency NASA, the announcement is not intended to indicate that there is definitely a new planet in our solar system. The existence of this world in distant space is currently only a matter of theory and so far this ninth planet has not been observed. Astronomers are now searching for the planet in the solar system, which has been predicted by researchers.

What is Research?

In January 2015, Kyle Tech astronomers Konstantin Betten and Mike Brown announced that they had found evidence of an unusually large planet during their research. This planet is orbiting in the outer orbit of our solar system. It should be noted that this prediction has been made on the basis of detailed mathematical calculations and computer simulations and so far it has not been directly observed. 

Scientists at Kiel Tech believe that the ninth planet could be as large as Uranus or Neptune and would be 10 times larger than Earth. This planet may be 20 times farther from the Sun than Neptune.

"As a planetary scientist, the prospect of a new planet is of interest to me and to all of us," said Jim Crane, director of NASA's Planetary Science Division. However, this is not a discovery or observation of a planet. It is too early to say for sure that Planet X exists. What we are seeing is based on limited observations and calculations. That is the beginning of the process, and the end can be very interesting. "

When was it discovered?

The planet, known as Planet X, has not yet been discovered, and scientists are debating whether it exists.
What is the name of Planet?

Betten and Brown have named their proposed planet 'Planet Nine', but the right to name a space object rests with the person who actually discovered it. During the previous investigation, the largest planet being searched after the planet Neptune was named 'Planet X'.

If the planet is discovered as predicted, its name will be approved by the International Astronomical Union. It is said that the planets are named after the legendary Roman gods.

Why do they think the planet exists?

Astronomers have observed some dwarf planets and other

objects orbiting. After observing these things, the

Called Tech team has predictedthat a very large and

previously undiscovered planet may be hidden
behind Plato.

What will be the next step?

Astronauts will now use the world's most powerful

telescopes to determine whether a predicted planet

exists in its proposed orbit. Anything in space that is

far away from the sun is extremely difficult to detect or

observe. But scientists believe that with the help of

existing binoculars, Planet Nine can be observed. Mike

Brown is interested,that he wants to find the  new-planet,

but offers other to find it & it is present there & that

is the reason we are printing our study & research.

We are hoping for best that other people will be

interested and start finding out. "

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