Foods that are Causing Premature Deaths:

Foods that are Causing Premature Deaths:
Foods that are Causing Premature Deaths

A recent study shows that the food we are consuming is causing premature death of 11 million (11 million) people every year.

According to an analytical report in the journal Lancet, our daily diet is more dangerous and deadly than smoking and it is causing one out of every five deaths worldwide.

Salt, found in several food items, reduces life.

Researchers say the study is not about obesity, but about a "low-quality" diet that is affecting the heart and causing cancer.

So what foods are essential?

The Global Burden of Disease Study is the world's most authoritative study that shows how many people in different parts of the world are losing their lives due to food.

Their latest analysis examines the eating habits of people in different countries to see how food shortens life.

Dangerous foods are those that contain these ingredients:

Too much salt: 3 million deaths

Very low grain consumption: 3 million deaths

Very little fruit consumption kills: 2 million

In addition, low levels of omega-3s and fiber in nuts, seeds, vegetables, and seafood are among the factors that shorten life.

"We have found that food plays a key role in health around the world," Christopher Murray, a professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, Says.

How is it causing people to die?

Of the 11 million food deaths, 10 million are due to heart disease and this explains why salt is such a big problem.

Excessive usage of salt causes high blood pressure and increased B.P, also maximizes the risk of stroke & heart disease.
Salt has a direct effect on the heart and blood vessels, causing the heart to fail to function properly, increasing the risk of complete blockage. Cereals, fruits and vegetables have the opposite positive effect on the body. 

How far is the world from a complete diet?
No country is perfect in this regard. Each country prefers one portion of healthy food over another. But how far the world is from a proper diet is listed below.

Seeds and nuts again?

Foods that are Causing Premature Deaths:
Foods that are Causing Premature Deaths

According to the study, seeds and nuts are missing from a healthy diet worldwide.
"The idea that (nuts and seeds) are small bags of energy that will make you fat while they are full of good fat," says Nata Furohi, a professor at the University of Cambridge.

While some people do not consider them regular food and another reason is their price.

Are meat and sugar are bad things? 

In recent years, the debate over fats and sugars and the link between red and processed meat and cancer have been in the headlines. Scientists say that the time has come for health fighters to focus on 

healthy foods instead of starchy foods such as starch and sugar. According to researchers, bad diets around the world are reducing life expectancy by a few years.
But Professor Murray describes it as ordinary. The Original Q’s we have to inquire is, 'Will I die of a heart attack in fifty to Sixty yrs?' Or will I get food-borne cancer between the ages of 40 and 50?

Is the situation better in some countries?
Mediterranean countries around the world, especially France, Spain and Israel, have the lowest food-related deaths.
The situation in Southeast, South and Central Asia is very different.
Deaths caused due to food are very less in Israile & Max: in Uzbekistan i.e (89 out of 0.1 Million& 892 out of 0.1 Mill).
The situation in Japan and China is changing rapidly as people in these countries change their relationship with salt. Salt is widely used in China.

The increasing use of processed foods is another reason for the increase in salt consumption. China has the highest number of salt-related deaths.
Murray says thirty to forty years ago, peoples living in Japan were using used salt much more like the Chinese. Use of salt is still there biggest issue but the consumption is low now. In their routine food they use things which provide resistance against cardiac diseases, like fruits, vegetables etc.


Prof Murray describes that the food which you eats should be of best quality, setting aside how heavier you are. The important to do is that we have to increase usage of fruits, vegetables, grains, with less quantity of salt usage where ever possible. But purchasing power is 

a problem. It is estimated that consuming five fruits and vegetables a day can cost up to 52%cent of your income in food in poor countries. But Professor-Furohi says people can make healthier choices if they are made aware of it and if they have the resources. Good & cheap foods availability is the cry of the day. 

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