What probably Happened after the meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs living on earth hit the ground?

What probably Happened after the meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs living on earth, hit the ground?
What probably Happened after the meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs living on earth, hit the ground?

Scientists, have found evidence of catastrophic meteorite collisions with Earth 66 million years ago. It is believed that this collision caused the extinction of dinosaurs from the world.

Excavations in the US state of North Dakota have unearthed fossils of fish and trees with rock and glass particles raining down from the sky.

There is also evidence of the remains being submerged in water, which may be the result of giant waves rising after the meteorite falls.

The research was printed in the paper P-N-A-S.

Robert-Depamaa of the University of Kansas and his colleagues say the excavation site is at a place called Tans and gives a wonderful glimpse of the events that took place about ten minutes to a few hours after the meteorite hit the Earth.

According to him, when the 12 km wide meteorite fell at the place where the Gulf of Mexico is today, billions of tons of molten rocks would have flown in all directions and the debris would have traveled thousands of kilometers.

Geological chemists have linked the particles to a site in the Gulf of Mexico called Chaksolub, and say the wreckage is 65.76 million years old. This is when the meteor struck the earth and evidence of this has been found in other parts of the world. Scientists say the fossils discovered in Tanzania appear to have been swept away by a huge body of water. Although it is acknowledged that a massive tsunami caused the meteorite to collide, it would take several hours for the wave to reach North Dakota from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Leading researchers believe that a shock wave similar to a ten- or eleven-magnitude earthquake may have shaken the region's ocean long before the tsunami struck, and water enters the dry land as huge wave of water. This wave would have swept away the object in its path and thrown it to the place where it has now been discovered. Dr. Dipalma says that "the tidal wave spread many things here, including freshwater fish, vertebrates, trees, branches, trunks." "It would have taken at least 17 hours for the tsunami to reach this place, but the seismic waves and then the tidal wave would have reached here in a few minutes," he said.

The PNAS Journal study, which is being published online, includes the study's author, Walter Alvarez, a California geologist who worked with his father, Louise Alvarez, on the theory of how dinosaurs became extinct.

These geologists pointed out that in the ancient geographical periods of the earth, the metal lime was abundant in the limestone layer, which is a partial element found in meteorites and meteorites.

Iridium metal particles were also found in the remains of tans.
Proff:Alvarez describes: " The issue of wiped-out of dinosaurs from globe surface is whenever discussed due to an outer object, it is only due to discovery of Irraduim, which is only available in comets, meteorite" We have been gradually gathering evidence since then, but I never thought we would be able to access a place where the fossils of the animals of that time were in large numbers. "

Phil Manning of the University of Manchester, who is the only British author of this research paper, told that: "This is one of the most important places in the world, the noble thing to do, and it should stop there.

The volcanic process of the chrysalis

A 12 km wide rock formed a 100 km deep hole in the ground which is 30 km deep.

The crater collapsed again, extending the mouth of the volcano to 200 km and a few kilometers deep.

 Today, most of this volcano is buried 600 meters below the shore. On the ground it is covered with limestone rocks.

 Scientists have recently excavated here to find out the structure of this volcano and the reasons for its formation.

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