N-O-T-I-C-E  I-N-V-I-T-I-N-G  T-E-N-D-E-R-S

Tenders in Various Departments of

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa January 2021

Tenders in Various Departments of  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa January 2021

Tenders in Various Departments of

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa January 2021

. PMU/FIP Special Development Unit (SDU) Planning & Development Deptt: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar.


·       2nd Time Notice Inviting Bids: “Financial Bids” from the Contractors which are already Pre-Qualified

·       System Above & Below on Bill of Quantities (BOQ) on MRS 2020, as per Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (KPPRA Rules 2014) from the pre-qualified firms/contractors, and as notified accordingly, which would open on the same date at 12:30 Hrs.

·       The information regarding the Works are given below:-

1.   Re-construction of the damaged schools in Tribal, Distrr: Orakzai under FATA Infrastructure programme Sub Work include: GHS SWARA KOT(Package- IV).

2.   Re-construction of the damaged schools in Pesh: Sub Division Hassan Khel, under FATA Infrastructure programme Sub Work include: GHS Musa Dara (Package- I).

3.   Re-construction of Govt: Degree College Dogar Tribal District Kurram , under FATA Infrastructure programme.

Other Details:-

·       Date of opening of FINancial Bids: 26/01/2021 time 12:00 Hrs . Regd: courier services must be used to sent the financial bids : Address PMU-FIP, FATA Secretariate Warsak Road Pesh.

·       Above and below system to be used (both in words and in figures) on the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) or  at par. Also it must be written on the tender form

·       Bid/Security ,earnest money must have to be with the Financial Bids @ 2 percent of the estimated cost of the work which should include also the stamp duty

·       KPPRA Rules 47(1)

·       All bidders must be regd: with KPRA

·       A complete set of bidding documents can be obtained till 25-01-2021. Can also be obtained from office on written request.

(Note: For further complete details visit KPPRA website & press advertisement.)



2. Hayat Abad Medical Complex (HMC) Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Nation Competetive Biding Year 2020-21:

Under NCB (National Competitive Bidding) O/o Hosptl: Director HMC INVITES SEALED BIDS from highly reputed national & international Contrctrs: & authorized sole agnts for contractrs for following:- as per KPPRA Rules ON Single Stage Single envelope & Single Stage Double envelope procedures: financial year 2020-21.

1.    Maintenance contract of Angiography machines

2.    (Innova 2100 & IGS 520)

I.                With parts.      ii Without Parts . (CDR: 100000)

Single Stage one Envelope.

3.    Janitorial/Conservancy services (both interior and exterior) of Ground floor for HMC.                                      CDR: 100000)

Single Stage Two envelope.

·       Rates effective till 30/06/2021

·       Pre-Bid meeting 201/01/2021

·       Bids must be delivered before 10:45 am 28/01/2021.

Note: For Further Complete Details visit KPPRA Web site and Press Advertisement.



For the supply of various items sealed Quotations are invited from Contractors/Suppliers.

1.    HDPE Pipe Supply (20mm dia) Specification:Providing HDPE, Din-8074/Din-8075/ISO-4427 (20mm Diameter) PN-10.

2.    HDPE Pipe Supply (25mm dia) Specification:Providing HDPE, Din-8074/Din-8075/ISO-4427 (25mm Diameter) PN-10.

3.    HDPE Pipe Supply (32 mm dia) Specification:Providing HDPE, Din-8074/Din-8075/ISO-4427 (32 mm Diameter) PN-10.

Detail Terms & Conditions:-

·       Quotation would receive till 26-01-2021 at 12:00 PM and date of opening would be the same day in the presence of contract/suppliers or if their representatives are present on the occasion.

·       Rs.50000/- call deposit should accompany the quotation in the name of TMO Matta, from any local Bank.

·       Fax submission or duplicate or late submission would not be accepted. Suppliers/contractors are responsible for submission on time.

·       Materials tests would be the responsibility of the suppliers

·       Per running meter rates must be quoted for all the items mentioned above

·       Payment on supply of pipes to TMA office Matta

(Note: For detail Terms & conditions KPPRA Web site as well as advertisement in Newspapers must be checked. As they are the most authentic one. Also it would be better to visit the CONCERNED office for further clarification regarding the supply of pipes, before the tender opening date and time as mentioned in the advertisement,  to be clear in in all aspects of the process.)




Sealed Bids have been invited from authorized dealers/distributors by Islamia College Peshawar for provision of the items.

Details are:-

1.    Items Description: Lab Equipment’s, Chemicals and Glass wares Qty and Specification: As per bidding documents


·       Funds received by Islamia college Peshawar from HEC “ National Research Programme for Universities”

·       Procurement of Chemicals ,Laboratory equipments , glass wares etc

·       Bidding Documents available from 8:00AM to 4:00 PM, FURTHER INFORMATION FROM OFFIC: OF purchase & Store sect., Islamia College Peshawar

·       Bidding documents can also be purchased for amount Rs:- 1000/- which would not be refundable when written application is submitted. The method used for payment would be cash.

·       Bids before 1: 30PM on 28-01-2021.CDR IN FAVOUR OF treasurer, Islamia College Peshawar, 2%ent of total bid price in the form of call deposit.

·       Late bids etcwould be rejected, Bids would be opened as per rules in the presence of all the authorized personnel at 2:00PM ON 28-01-2021

·       Islamia Collage Peshawar would follow all the KPPRA Rules 2014

Note: For complete details plz follow KPPRA Website and advertisement in news paper. Further details can also be obtained from the concerned PE office, as mentioned in the Advertisement in KPPRA website or news paper.

Corrigendum Tender Notice


With Referene to Tender Notice, Gomal Unversity Dera IsmaIL Khan needs 1. No Diesel Tanker & 1 No .preparation of bus body from truck, Bus tyres, Bus spare parts  and filters. Previous TENDER (25/09/2020) Published in Daily Awsaf Islamabad DATED 05 January 2021, The News Rawalpindi Dated 05 January 2021 & Dera News Dera Ismail Khan DATED 05 Jan 2021, should be considered Cancelled.

The new Tender Notice; Gomal University Deral Ismail Khan requires .1 No Diesel Tanker & 1 No. Preparation of Bus Body from Truck, Tenders Required from sale Tax Registered firms, (on priority).

Last Date of receipt of Tender had been fixed as  25-01-2021, and would be opened on 25-01-2021 at  11:00 AM in the presence of the dealers or the authorized representatives who cared to participate.

·       All bidders must be registered with KPRA

·       The PE may reject all the proposals or bids before acceptance

·       Tenders must reach the proper address on 25-01-2021 upto 11;00 AM

·       Bids must accompany the 2% CD in the name of Director Finance Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan.

(Note: For detail information please visit KPPRA Website or Advertisement in newspapers as they are the most authentic information. This details is just for Quick and early information and for informative purpose of General Public and provides a good guidance. It is also necessary to have a regular look of the news newspapers in case of any corrigendum regarding the advertisement before the closing date and it prevents any inconvenience to face.) 

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