(8th ) Article on Compulsions in Mental Health: (Chapter No.08):

The reason that's a social anxiety compulsion is because quite often, what the person is worried about. If I spread germs to other people they and then, I'm responsible for that. They're going to hate me. Other people and I would feel so guilty and like I wouldn't be able to go and see those people again. Because I would feel so bad about spreading that disease to them I will end up alone. No one will like me etc and so a lot of different contamination compulsions or they might check like. I mentioned, I don't know, if you caught it, when we were reading the part on checking.

There, I used to constantly be checking myself for stains on my pants and because I was convinced, I must have peed myself or something. What if there's like some stain on my pants or something like that, so like having to check always before things because of course, if people saw that then they're going to judge me. They're going to think like what disgusting things was he doing etc and so this control that we see is very normal or like I can't be perfect right now. So, I can't go and do social events or I've just gotta constantly check and control how i look to other people. Then the brain sees that and then the brain is just very logical. It's like well if you need to control that well there are way worse things like what if you spread disease to somebody and killed them. Well, shouldn't you control that too and then we start to control that and then the brain will worry about other things like the fear of harming somebody.

 The fear of hitting somebody in a vehicle all of those often you can trace back to social anxiety fears. Fear of losing control can also come up there. What if i lose control and i do something terrible to people. That's not me and then everybody thinks that is me and then also they hate me because of that thing i did and so on all starts with teaching the brain. We've got to control what other people think about us because that's really what that is. If you wake up every morning and you spend an hour or 30 minutes, whatever just trying to control your body because while you think about what other people are going to think about you. It's just teaching the brain hey brain, we've really got to control all these uncertainties around other people judging us, other people hating us, other people disliking us. So, then the brain helpfully goes in search of more of them. This is the thing with compulsions. It's not about the what often it's about the why so this is where saying there was self-care taking care of myself. For me as something, I give to myself because it's how I want to express myself right.

 So, it's the practice of being versus only taking care of myself because of what, I think other people will think about me and because I'm anxious. So, then I'm doing it to control anxiety, then I'm doing it to try to control, what other people think. That's where it becomes the compulsion. So, starting to see like, yeah so it's not about me controlling, how I look. It's about me expressing how, I look and caring for myself and that's something, I'm gonna do consistently. Whether I see other people or not, it doesn't matter to me because I'm doing it for me the moment, we're trying to control and uncertainty always come. That definition of compulsion, so anything, we do to cope with a check on or control uncertainty anxiety and other feelings, we don't like so. If I'm taking care of myself as a way to manage control and try to manipulate other people's brains, then I'm totally in compulsion territory. So, you explain there with mental contamination, So I'll just read it out for anybody that came through.I had a bad thought about this person with a bad characteristic i better have a different thought about something else to cancel that. Actually, you can do this like, that's something that could come up with this. So, here's a question so what does that mental little contaminant, what do those mental contamination compulsions get in the way? would you avoid something because you need to be like a good person. Would you not, would you avoid a place because you're afraid of, like that's a place, where some bad people were and if I go there then you know all end up having those bad characteristics.

Would you avoid the news because you don't want to read about somebody that like did something bad or like a particular type of movie? Because I will show you the reason, we can put that on this one because that's exactly, why I brought up this example right here. So, I did the phone checking here so checking, your phone when you get the urge. So, the reason I threw urge in there is that often, we're actually not checking our phones, phone because of something, we can articulate. Often it just feels like, I decided I should check my phone and so what we're doing in that moment is, we're actually fixing the urge, we're trying to get rid of that feeling. 

We have there but likewise, you could apply that to fixing a wrong thought. So, it just becomes about like the brain throws up some uncomfortable stuff, some unwanted stuff and then I do a thing to relieve it, so and at first they're super normal tons of people do that right all the time.(Continued----)

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