(9th ) Article on Compulsions in Mental Health: (Chapter No.09):

Just like, I'm bored, I want to get rid of that, I'm going to grab my phone. I just have this urge to check my phone, I have this urge to check my wallet, my keys, whatever I do it. So, they teach the brain there, like we are going to fix a thing before doing another thing. I do a presentation I've gotta do affirmations I've gotta have good thoughts before I go and I do this thing I want to do because I need to have good thoughts or else my personality will be wrong.

 I won't be me, something like that, so then the brain learns, the brains like: okay in order to you know be right, in order to be you, we need to fix and control the stuff in our brain. It can easily go to something like avoiding the news because we'll become a bad person right, because if there's a bad person on the news and we see that, then we'll become like them, right, I don't know why that the font looks different but I'm not going to fix it. We can just let it be their puffer potato. You said I struggle a lot with guilt which is a feeling, we're often told, we should feel if, we've done something wrong. Since my brain is always coming up with terrible things that I have done wrong, it seems like, I need to feel the guilt or it feels responsible, irresponsible to feel guilt.

How do you move forward with feelings that seem like a responsibility to others? I guess that's a social related fear exactly like that's the fear to go after right there. It's the brain being like you people are going to judge, you people are going to dislike. You need to fix this to be like a good person and accept it and so what? I would look at there like you brought up a lot there's, often a lot of beliefs and like should that we have around feelings, like all these different connections. We've made and a lot of it is breaking those different connections and you can see that with all of these. A lot of the reason, we pick up these normal compulsions is because, when that feeling comes up, we've developed this connection with it, where we said, if you have this feeling, you should do this action.

So, much of the work of taking care of your mental health now is about breaking those connections right. I can have guilt,I can have anxiety, I can have depression, I can have excitement, I can have euphoria, I can have, whatever i can have false memories, I can have de-realization depersonalization etc. That's neat, I can be curious about those feelings. I can have them explore them and I'm going to do things at value. What about the urge to drink water or eat is it the same, so again this is one of the great areas to get proactive think back to that garden example and maybe that's, you know an exercise for everybody to think about. With these is to go take some time and then consider like if you were a garden and pick through things like water sunshine and fertilizer, like soil. What are those for you? what are those things you consistently need and then on a very practical level day today, the moment you notice that urge to get water, the moment you notice like just like, I am so hungry, I need to eat or I'm going to fall over but again, it's that, it's that problem first approach?

It's like waiting until you're incapable of working and collapsing to go and get some mental health help or explore mental health skills. It's like waiting until you're having a heart attack to be like maybe, we should explore exercise or eating healthy, right. It's too late at that point. The problem's already there, so how do you get proactive with it? How do you nourish yourself proactively? So, you're not having to wait for random urges to control you, because you can also see how that would relate very directly with all sorts of eating disorders and things like that very much about reacting to random stuff inside of us instead of nourishing ourselves and fueling ourselves. To do awesome things we wanted to in life, it's people avoiding the news. It is funny, you mentioned that local news being the worst for that because of so much of what they rely on and this is where we look at the systems around us. You really see it with local news, they throw up like act car accidents, murderers, all of that kind of stuff because people are afraid of it.

 So, uniformly and it catches our attention they are just manipulating the fact. Those people will stare at it even if you ever notice on like a lot of the 24 the hour like, cable news channels and stuff will often have a ticker that just throws up random news stories from around the world. But there are always random news stories of like terrible things happening that are also totally inconsequential.—(Continued--)

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