Changes of world due to Science in a hundred years?

changes of the world due to science in a hundred years?

        Science change the world ?

Sir Venki Ram Krishnan, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and President of the Royal Society of Great Britain, sheds light on the subject of scientific discovery, how it changed our perception of the universe in a minimum period. He says that's why we should still be careful about the use of our research today.

Lets assume that , if we are successful in bringing the clever & intelligent people from the Nineteenth Century in our present day, they would be astonished to see the development & would be amazed that most of the problems of their time got solution now, which were assumed impossible in the past. In  the past people were unable to solved how inheritance goes from one to another generation & how cell divides and forms a living being . The atomic structure was not known and its further breakdown possibility & also how our this Solar System along with Universe came in to existence.

In present as a result of research all the previous Qs had been answered  and on some Qs, the study is in progress. The discovery of solution to various problems in our daily lives & this universe have changed out mind set. Even the things we don't care about today have come into being because of basic science and technology, and they both go hand in hand.

Almost every invention has one or more basic discoveries behind it. Sometimes basic discoveries are centuries old. It was not possible to invent a jet engine or a rocket without understanding Newton's laws of motion.

There have been many great moments in science in these hundred years. One of that is the exploring of  deoxyribo-nucleic acid (DNA) structure. But the discovery itself was made possible by Darwin and Mendel, who later opened the door to biotechnology. Today we can easily examine the complete human DNA (called 'genome').

This has helped us to understand how genetic diseases occur and how they can be cured. Scientists recently modified a girl's genes to rule out cancer.

However, the human genome is so complex that we have only recently begun to understand how genes interact with the environment to operate our body's systems.

When we found out that the universe is not static but is constantly expanding and galaxies are moving away from each other, this suggests that in the beginning all matter was concentrated in one place and the universe resulted in a great explosion, it came into existence.

change of the world due to science in a hundred years?

            changes of  the world due to Science in a hundred years?

This knowledge has provided us with the material to answer the biggest question. And that Qs, from where every thing came from? It has made our little planet look smaller, but the longing for knowledge inside us has kept us from feeling inferior.

From the Apollo mission to the Cassini spacecraft and from the Hubble Space Telescope to the discovery of gravitational waves, all these revelations prompt us to find answers to more questions about space.

Nowadays we visualize the day to day life on big screen that operate electronically. Computers are a source of knowledge in various forms, but they are also determining how we interact with the rest of the world and other human beings.

One of the most common things today is the smartphone, thanks to many basic discoveries. The computer inside it works with the help of integrated chip. The integrated chip itself is made up of transistors, which could not have been discovered without an understanding of quantum mechanics.

The GPS inside the phone works on Einstein's theory of relativity to understand the concept of time. However, at one time people thought that this ideology would not have any effect on ordinary life.
Computers are currently helping with new discoveries that are changing the way we think about the world. Right now we have machines that can learn on their own and they are changing our world.

Computers have great potential for advancement in health and social fields, and we will soon see among ourselves driverless cars and modern robots, but we will have to be very cautious in their usage, as their use can be dangerous due to AI.
Any new invention has merits & demerits , Qs is how we use it. One discovery that divided us into two parts was the division of the atom. The discovery paved the way for the invention of the world's most dangerous weapon.

Some say the fear of total destruction is a guarantee of lasting peace. But this is not a lasting solution. On the other hand, the distribution of atoms has also provided us with a cheap source of energy.

Science is the quest to know about ourselves and the world around us. This quest has also changed our perceptions of the world and our lives. Today our age is double that of 1900 and our standard of living is better than ever.

Science is the triumph of human knowledge, and understanding and applying it can help us make far-reaching decisions.


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