(10th) Article on Compulsions in Mental Health: (Chapter No.10):

Like, I remember once, when I was at the gym, it had, this is back before the pandemic. They had the 24-hour news channel on and just this little thing went by. In a ticker, it just said falling,” washing machine kills child in Nepal”. It is totally irrelevant to somebody in Toronto right, it's totally even like, why to share that at all. It's a really unfortunate accident but the only reason to share that is that they know it gets this look from people. Our brains are so sensitive and pre-programmed to watch out for danger.

So, they'll just post it. They just do it to get a reaction, we see it we're like, I don't want that to happen. They rely on it. I see a bunch of people have brought this up, the fear of seeing of hearing somebody, who did something awful and thinking, i'll turn into that person and this even goes back to the music one. It's the same again, thinking it's part of that, there's this external right thing, that's going to control my capacity to lift the weights and so this goes back to that locus of control stream. We did last week where we see like this external thing as controlling us and so we often start doing that on purpose. Like using music or like watching. I want to go watch a particular type of video before   I get down to work because the video is going to give me the inspiration or the motivation or the feeling, that's then going to help me do my work.

 We often do that with mental health stuff too. Right seeing this like mental health theory, that I am okay, now I feel like, I can do it but it's just teaching the brain to look at external things as controlling us. So, then it all the brain also worries well, if a good video makes you good then a bad news story must make you bad. Yes absolutely, I just want to clarify, I really do care about kids in Nepal and I hope kids in Nepal are not being crushed by washing machines. Today, I also hope news stations are not just looking for because right some, it must be somebody's job just like sit there looking for terrible things that happen to kids around the world. So, they can put them in the news ticker ambient pack well so actually this can be totally on the topic so there.

Do you have any tips for preventing burnout at the end of the day? I don't have a consistent routine which doesn't help and I found it difficult to establish one without exhausting myself. I find burnout, it's like so even if we looked at it like burnout as being the compulsion over on the far side, where we had to look at it like burnout. You know just exhausted, just wrecked need to. You know take time away from, you know work slash life right, just can't do anything, just totally, just like could happen in the gym right. You're in the gym and you just go and go and go and go and go and then your muscles just give away right. So, that's on the clinical side but then the quirky is like cancelling things. You actually value or ignoring things that are necessary to you and so we do that with things like food. We often see it as good like, I'm the one who can go harder than anybody else. I'm the one who doesn't stop, I'm the one that is always there for everybody, I'm the one that never says no.

 I'm going to go farther do more and we ignore all these things that actually help us do that. So, we could say on the quirky side like always, being the reliable one never setting boundaries. Because the part of the healthy thing to do here would be to start to say, no I can't do that or to let things drop, say like I was doing this thing and I just can't.  Iam actually gonna choose to go and like do something, I would enjoy or do something, that's more valuable to me rather than sacrificing ourselves for something else. Like this is the one, where we just totally ignore ourselves like somebody else says, they're cold and we light ourselves on fire to keep them warm. We're like aren’t such a good person, I would burn myself up for somebody and we wear it like a badge of honour and then of course, it always leads to burnout. It often starts with chasing gold stars validation and approval from others. I mean we see it as good we see it as normal right. Other people like me, other people like, i did more and like got  100, I would I was totally like that in school and again, this is one of those things, that's like normal-looking back. I wouldn't know, I can see, I was struggling with mental illness for years and years and years decades as a kid but it was rewarded if i spent days getting.

You know like a title page perfect you know like making this kind of like a perfectly drawn title page or something for a school project that would be rewarded right not doing other things not exploring things. I want to do somebody said you must go do this project, I was like, okay I will put my life on hold to go and do this project and then of course in school, we're like, you get. Other people say you're good and then I want to get that attention. (Continued---)

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